Approaches to creating added value

May 06, 2021 29


Amid rapidly changing market conditions. Thailand nowadays, in addition to having to confront foreign competitors with superior production potential at a low price and changing consumer behavior are also important factors to be aware of. Today's consumers will not focus on low-priced products but they want good quality products with good design and meet the needs of all requirements for use. Therefore, if Thailand wants to stand in international trade that's full of competition and change with the times, it is necessary to understand the strategies of creating value-added by using creativity and using innovation wisely.

DITP or the Department of International Trade Promotion has defined the mission of design, branding, and innovation by developing and furthering to conform to the changing trends of international trade, this will be creating value-added, opportunity, trustworthiness, and sustainability for Thai entrepreneurs and Thai products can be qualitatively competitive both domestically and internationally. There are many projects that the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP) supports by enhancing cognition about sustainable value-added trends by focusing on 4 main points: International market expansion, promotion of public relations, creation of credibility, and elevating products and services.

Elevate Thai designers to internationally recognized Designer's Brand by promoting and supporting Thai designers who have potential and want to develop into the export business by developing knowledge in business and marketing through presentation and trade negotiations with the foreign buyer directly.

Thailand Trust Mark promotes the creation of the image of Thai products and services by communicating the quality, good standards of Thai products and services that are international trustworthiness, taking into account the environmental impact (eco-friendly/green) and social responsibility.

Design Excellence Award (Demark) is the award for Thailand's well-designed products that are designed to elevate the value of Thai products to be equivalent to internationally designed products.

Innovation & BCG is a working group that develops, promotes, and support Thai entrepreneurs to have the ability to compete in trade in the international competitiveness by creating value from Bio-Circular-Green Economy (BCG) innovation as well as promoting Bio-Circular-Green Economy (BCG) entrepreneurs to be recognized around the world and strengthening Thailand's good commercial image.

There are also many good projects waiting for you to come and learn to lead your businesses to grow together in sustainable international trade.

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